"Giuseppe Di Vagno" research award open call for nominations


1.    In compliance with Law n.86 of June 16 2015, and under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Assets and Activities (MIBAC), the Fondazione “Giuseppe Di Vagno (1889-1921)”, issues a Call for Nominations for the
“ Giuseppe DI VAGNO RESEARCH AWARD” 2015 edition,
that, by decision of its  Scientific Board, will focus on the following theme:
“The evolution of socialist thought and policies in the 20th century in the world and in Italy with a special focus on Southern Italy”.                                                                        

2.    All European citizens are eligible to apply provided they meet the following requirements:
-    European Citizens can apply as individuals or as associations of individuals provided they fulfill all the requirements hereinafter; in case of more than one applicant, the applicant “in charge of the research” must be indicated;
-   Citizens as individuals or as associations of individuals who, as of the date of publication of the present Call on the Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno website (www.fondazione.divagno.it) “Research Award” Section, are no more than 32 years old;
-    Citizens as individuals or as associations of individuals who have been awarded either an MA University Degree or a PhD Degree (dottorato di ricerca for Italians).

3.    Together with their applications for nominations in response to the present Call (as under point 9 below) candidates must submit their CVs in Italian together with a detailed  research project (no less than 20,000 characters) indicating sources, methodologies and objectives of their research effort and the expected timetable.

4.    Awarding procedure:
a) on the basis of the documents submitted the Jury will choose a candidate as a potential winner of the award after evaluating the relevance of his/her project to the themes proposed by the Scientific Board, the originality and the innovative nature of the project within the field of historical research, as well as in terms of the objectives pursued by the research effort in question also from the perspective of the sources, methodologies and objectives and the expected timetable for the implementation of the work proposed;
b) After consulting the Board of Directors and the Scientific Board, the Fondazione shall i) assign the award, ii) establish the deadline for research submission and iii) notify the winner of the decision made;
c) within six months of the above notification the winner shall submit to the Fondazione a detailed and well-documented report of the state of advancement of the research work. After asking the opinion of the Jury, the Fondazione will make available to the winner 40% of the total amount of the Award;
d) the winner will then present, within a deadline established by the Fondazione, the final result of his/her research and, after consulting the Jury, the Fondazione will validate the final assignment of the Award making the remaining 60% of the total amount of the Award available to the winner.

5.    After consulting the winner the Fondazione will publish the research work.

6.    The total amount made available by the Award is € 40,000.00 before tax, including:
a) any tax withholdings;
b) any invoiced expenses incurred for publishing the present Call and the research work.

7.    After consulting the Jury, the Fondazione reserves the right to share the Award between two or more than two candidates(Art. 1.5).

8.    Applications shall be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. The envelope containing the application, which must bear the following wording “partecipazione Premio di ricerca”, can be sent by either regular mail or a courier service or in electronic format to the Fondazione certified e-mail address (PEC from the Italian acronym of Posta Elettronica Certificata) no later than January 31,  2016 at 6 pm.
Fondazione Di Vagno Registered Office address:
Fondazione Di Vagno Via San Benedetto, 18
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9.    The application must include the following:
1.    Personal data, (including residence, telephone number and tax identification number) of the applicant or, in case of associations of individuals, of the applicant in charge of the research;
2.    The research program as under art. 4 hereinbefore;
3.    The names of two Professors of Italian Universities (foreign Universities for non-Italian applicants) that could be asked to act as candidate referees by the Fondazione Di Vagno.

10.    Certified copies of the following documents must be enclosed to the application:
1.    University Degree Certificate and/or Doctoral/PhD Degree Certificate with final scores;
2.    A copy of the candidate’s University Degree Thesis or Doctoral/PhD Dissertation  and six copies of a summary thereof (max. 10,000 characters) in Italian;
3.    Curriculum vitae et studiorum (European format) enclosed to a Covering Letter and documents that certify the knowledge of foreign languages;
4.    Any, albeit non-compulsory, additional degrees, diplomas or publications providing evidence of scientific, teaching and research work of the candidate.

11.    Under penalty of inadmissibility, all the documents (Art. 9 and 10), the reports (Art. 4), as well as the final research document must be filed in six copies in Italian language.

12.    The Award shall be formally conferred on September 25, 2016 in the Town Council Hall of the Municipality of Conversano on the anniversary of the assassination of Giuseppe Di Vagno.
Conversano September 25, 2015     
                                                                                              The President
                                                                                      Avv. Gianvito Mastroleo